Maxim Pshenichnikov (oude_rus) wrote,
Maxim Pshenichnikov

Получил письмо


My name is Elena, I am 33 years and I am writing to you from a province in Russia.

I work in the library and after my job I allowed to use the computer when possible. I found some addresses on the Internet, and I decided to write to you this letter.

I have a daughter 9 years old, her father left us, and we live with my mother.

Due to the unbearable hot weather this summer, almost all of the potatoes and Vegetables get dry in our garden.Many of the forest burned down. We were doomed to starvation, and we spent all our little savings to buy a few bags of potatoes for the coming winter (it's terrible, because the price of potatoes now became 2-3 times more expensive than last year).

Recently my mother lost job due to deep crisis in our region and now our situation become hopeless.

Gas and electricity are very expensive, and we can not afford to heat our home amy more.

The winter is coming and weather becaming colder every day. The only possible way to heat our home is to use portable oven that heating from burning wood. We have a wood-savings in our barn and this oven will heat our Home all winter for no cost to us.

Unfortunately, we can not buy this oven in our local market because the  value of this oven is 8.425 rubles, and it is very expensive for us (Equival. of 196 Euro).

I hope you can help us. If you have any old portable oven, and if you do not use it anymore, we'll be very grateful if you can donate it to us and arrange transportation of the oven to us (we live 200 km from Moscow).

I will be wait for your answer.

Прям даже не знаю, что думать. С одной стороны, написано слишком грамотно для описанного прозябания (не говоря уж о том, что писать по-английски совершенно незачем). С другой - ну какой может быть профит от старой буржуйки?

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