Maxim Pshenichnikov (oude_rus) wrote,
Maxim Pshenichnikov

Работа над википедией

Мои дополнения в секцию "Статистический анализ" последовательно улучшаются благодарными пользователями:

A mathematician[citation needed], Sergey Kuznetsov, claimed that regional inhomogeneities can account for both the distribution of turnout and percent voting for each party, and also that regularly spaced spikes in percent voting for each party appear for all parties, not only United Russia. However, the fact that the regularly spaced spikes in voting for United Russia are not an artifact of the analysis was proven by both computer simulations[62] and Monte-Carlo modelling[63], eventually leading Sergey Kuznetsov to withdraw his claims[64]. The statistical significance of the observed spikes was estimated to range from 6 to 9 sigmas[65][clarification needed], thereby convincingly identifying them as man-made.

Вот это A mathematician[citation needed] просто прекрасно по своему сарказму. Ну да, это вам не детишек в вузы репетировать.

Кстати, в вики картинко какое-то отстойное. Давайте предоставим им самый, пардон, хайлайт!
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