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Черный пес Петербург - 2 - Maxim Pshenichnikov — LiveJournal
February 14th, 2016
04:19 pm


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Черный пес Петербург - 2

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Date:February 15th, 2016 10:00 am (UTC)
Slide 2:

Russians are like you, but perhaps they watch too much TV

- National pride...

Your acknowledgement of their importance will be appreciated.

The Great Patriotic War, The Cold War, ... - артикли

A low-trust culture - устоявшийся термин вместо Don't trust anybody

... populated by gays and junkies

Slide 3

Be careful about-
- contemporary politics, ...

of the orthodox religion - артикль

Slide 4
Any trip between A and B...

.. lifted drawbridges ...

In short, planning ahead is highly advisable

Slide 5

Any trip time doubles

Split into smaller groups

Travel independently if you can

Do not carry more than one-day cash money with you

Slide 6

Traffic is hilarious – что это значит?

No rides from people you don't know, use taxi or Uber only

A fight can break out without a warning...

Slide 7

Can be windy

Check weather forecasts frequently

Slide 8

a fight with the locals

being lost

Slide 9

AND the Russian visa

roaming rates for Russia

ask your medical insurance how to contact them from Russia

If your take prescription drugs make sure you have written prescriptions (in English) for them too.

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