Maxim Pshenichnikov (oude_rus) wrote,
Maxim Pshenichnikov

Мы ждали так долго - что может быть глупее, чем ждать

Начал производить политолухические тексты:

When Russians head to the polls in September this year to vote in elections for the State Duma, the lower house of the Russian Federal Assembly, there will be those left wondering whether the outcome of the vote can be trusted. At the last election, on 4 December 2011, protests erupted over claims that the elections had been rigged.

Разумеется, в соавторстве с kobak и podmoskovnik.

К сожалению, редакторы сократили замечательное послесловие:
Will any of the discussed above statistical irregularities show in the upcoming federal election in September 2016?  There are some indications, albeit weak and scattered, that the authorities have finally realized the reputation damaging potential of statistical irregularities, even though they have never admitted any wrong going. One of such indications is recent dismissal of the federal election committee head who, as the least, put his eye blind on the widely reported inconsistencies in the election data. Next, recent elections of the mayor of Moscow that in many aspects sets up standards for the regions, did not seem to have produced any seriously-suspicious statistical patterns, either. But will these be sufficient? We shall see.

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